Savouring the Sabbath part 5

The Sabbath Becomes Burdensome When We Are Caught Up in the Busyness of Life

Life can become so busy with so many demands on our time that the idea of taking a break can be burdensome. We tell ourselves, “I can’t take a break. I’ve got too much stuff to do.” In this milieu, taking a break seems like bad news because it means less time to do what we already don’t have enough time to do. Does this sound like you?

Where do all these demands on our time come from? If we are honest, most of them are probably self-imposed, and many are undoubtedly unnecessary. They might all seem like good things to do, but even ‘good’ things can become bad if they rob us of God.

A reprioritisation of our lives is in order. Axe the demands on your time that are unnecessary. They rob you of life and joy by keeping you from God.

Before we reconfigure our schedule, let us go a little deeper. These self-imposed demands on our time often reflect the idolatry of our hearts. A lover of money will spend inordinate amounts of time pursuing dollars. A heart that craves the admiration and approval of man will require excess time in order to excel at what will bring such esteem. Idolatry makes us go above and beyond the call of duty. Our activity might seem honourable, but not when it is motivated by idolatry and is at the expense of something more necessary.

A thorough and honest examination of the heart is the first line of defence for anyone suffering from busyness. Identify the idols of your heart, repent of them, and you will find your life will be a whole lot easier to reorganise. God will be God, and many of the things that once seemed of great importance will blow away like the chaff they are.

The Sabbath is a blessing. It is a rich banquet at which we are invited to glut ourselves on God who is the richest of fare. The Sabbath was made for man, so don’t miss out.

Savouring the Sabbath
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